GICA Honour Code

GICA Honour Code

I PLEDGE to be Responsible for my words and behavior before God.

I PLEDGE Not to Condone lying, cheating, stealing, and other dishonorable acts.

I PLEDGE to Apply myself wholeheartedly to my intellectual pursuits as a student and to use my mind and skills for the glory of God.

I PLEDGE at all times to Keep my total being under subjection from all immoral and illegal actions

I PLEDGE to Help and Serve others humbly, and willing to Sacrifice myself for others.

I PLEDGE to Consider the property of others and the school as my own.

I PLEDGE to Respect the personal dignity and rights of all members of the community..

As GIU International Christian Academy people, I PLEDGE to myself, my peers, my school, and God,to Uphold honesty and integrity throughout my life.