The primary session is very live. The students are learning the subjects through various teaching methods and activities. Through these teaching methods, students are more excitedly learned and they are able to gain the knowledge effectively.

We use a combined curriculum for the subjects so that the students gain knowledge from all aspects of learning areas as well as they will be able to be equipped to take any other system of education they take for the further education will be available.

Primary Curriculum

The effective and technological education is possible for everyone of the students from grade 1 through access to Science labs (Physics / Biology / Chemistry), ICT labs, and library. The students  are enjoying of using those facilities with well trained teachers.

The school has two strong areas:

Academic Strength. Our strength is high educational level and the students are performing outstanding standard. We have Individual Tutoring System for low ones to improve their learning abilities and make sure they understand weak areas.

Spiritual Formation. Through the Bible Classes and Proverbs reading, the school is helping the students to be saved and to fear the Lord their Saviour Jesus Christ. The teachers are helping the students to grow in spiritually. The students are trained to follow the school regulations with godly manners and to become good citizens as well.

We also do Character Education and we build the students up to gain godly characters. Many problems at home and in today′s classroom can be traced to a lack of character—bullying, disrespect, cheating, tardiness, vandalism, profanity, and drug abuse—all of which hinder child development.

These problems are rooted from the early childhood. We teach and train our children to form godly characters so that they define behavioral objectives, reinforce positive behaviors, and create a culture that values good character.